About Our First Family

New World Harvest was birth in April 2000, out of what God had started in another ministry.

Pastor Michael A. Shinn and his wife, Lady Eunice Shinn began a journey in a new direction that they believed was destined by God. After holding the first service in a member’s home, the majority of the members agreed to remain together with Pastor Shinn as Senior Pastor.

In August 2005, New World Harvest relocated to our current location.

Since arriving at this location, God has blessed and kept us to see the ministry grow in ways and places that only God could elevate us to. As we continue the teaching, training, and development of disciples for God under Pastor Shinn’s leadership, we are looking for God to move us to higher heights. As God lead, guide and direct us into his promise, we anxiously anticipates God’s favor.

We believe that we have come this far by faith and that God in His infinite wisdom, will continue to bless us in a mighty way.


Sr. Pastor Michael A. Shinn

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First Lady Eunice Shinn


Elder Shaneka Chester


Deacon Kenya Hammond