Men of Distinction

M.O.D. (Men of Distinction)encourages every man to become the father, husband, leader and man that God has called them to be.  The Men of NWH often fellowship through quarterly meetings and church building improvement projects. 

Sisters of Strength

S.O.S. (Sisters of Strength)ministers to women through different focused events such as prayer meetings, outreach programs, the annual Women’s Day service, monthly meetings and much more! We encourage women to gear up and wake up for ministry and to be strong women of God. 

JOY (Just Ordinary Youth) is a ministry devoted to the education and empowerment of youth according to the Word of God. The ministry serves youth between the ages of 3 and 18 as it prepares them for serving in the community and alongside the young adults and adults during Worship

Music Ministry

Our Music Ministry features the vocals of the NWH Praise Team, and JOY Youth Ministry. The participants are anointed, dedicated and eager to lead Praise and Worship.

Ushers Ministry

Our adult, young adult, and youth ushers proudly serve as doorkeepers in the House of the Lord. They assist in maintaining a spiritual environment conducive for Praise, Worship, Teaching, and Preaching to take place.

Care Ministry

Care Ministry is focused on providing personal support in times of illnesses, deaths, or personal needs which require an intimate level of care and prayer.

Passion + Purpose Couples’ Ministry

The purpose of the Couples’ Ministry is to build and enhance our relationships through the power and wisdom of God’s word. We just don’t want couples to survive, we want them to thrive. 

Total Praise (adults) and Anointed Vessels of Praise (youth) ministers through Christian dance & mime. They can be seen ministering during Worship, special events, and online through our different social media outlets.

Food Pantry Ministry

The food pantry ministry provides food assistance for neighbors experiencing a crisis or unexpected difficult time. This ministry assists the church in food drives and distribution.